In HEVPD&D-CREATE, we aim an exceptional environment cross-fertilization of ideas and skills.

Academic Education

The participating industry partners will adopt the web-based course specifically developed by HEVPD&D-CREATE as part of its internal training program. The course will also comply with university regulations and be submitted for the approval of the participating universities to augment their graduate curriculum. Graduate students will be able to gain academic credit for graduate studies at the participating Universities.

Internship, Co-operation, Exchange

The participating industrial partners have a strong record of advanced research that will greatly enhance HQP training. Clear protocols for interactions between the industrial research collaborators and the Universities will be established at the inception of the project to maximize benefit to students and HQP.

One of the main objectives of HEVPD&D-CREATE is to foster cultural and industrial student exchange experiences, and also to contribute to the professional development of HQP by emphasizing automotive engineering. Through student internships and faculty visits and workshops we will develop strategies for research collaboration.

HQP exchanges will take place with the goal of developing new web-based educational materials and case studies. The case studies will be used as part of course materials for students as well as industry participants and employees.

Professional Skills

HEVPD&D-CREATE aims to an enriched environment for training of graduate students and HQP. Our vision is to create a virtual learning environment that is integrated between the universities and industry partners. This is consistent with the requirements of scientific research, which are focus, depth, industrial exposure, professional development and multidisciplinary considerations.

A shared objective between the universities and our industrial partners allows the focus that is necessary for graduate training and yet the varied specializations of the faculty members involved provides for multidisciplinary research. Each collaborating institution has a unique set of competencies that provides for depth. The collaboration targets professional as well as technical developments.