The HEVPD&D-CREATE lays the foundation to generate disruptive interdisciplinary knowledge to address concerns related to the impact of fossil fuels on climate change, population health and the environment. We have entered an era of change and unprecedented investments on alternative technologies with increasing emphasis on electrification. The program is in line with the highest area of investment priority for the automotive sector that is the development of new electric energy storage and electric propulsion technologies.

Vision & Mission

The negative impact of vehicle emissions on our environment and the public health have ascertained a crucial need for an innovative vision to change in transportation systems as an strategic economic national priority. This change brings with it opportunities as well as challenges which requires an interdisciplinary effort in hybrid electric vehicle design and development. Through this vision, we have missioned to lay the foundations for collaborations on advanced technology vehicles and train specialists with the capacity to work effectively in industrial and interdisciplinary environment in Canadian advanced automotive sector.