Concerns related to the impact of fossil fuels on climate change, population health and the environment have resulted in a momentous shift in the global automotive strategy. We have entered an era of change and unprecedented investments on alternative technologies with increasing emphasis on electrification.
In NSERC HEVPD&D-CREATE, our focus is to provide the Canadian automotive sector with the highly qualified personnel it needs to be internationally competitive, particularly with training in advanced electric and hybrid powertrain technologies. We aim as much on the developments and well roundedness of the HQP as well as their technical and professional training.
The NSERC HEVPD&D-CREATE is also in line with the highest area of investment priority for the automotive sector that is the development of new electric energy storage and electric propulsion technologies. Through access to world class facilities and mentorship by a team of accomplished faculty and industrial supervisors, the HQP will become specialists with the capacity to work effectively in industrial and interdisciplinary environments.
Saeid Habibi
Saeid HabibiDirector, HEVPD&D-CREATE

Ph.D. , P.Eng.