Lithium-Ion batteries are increasingly used in energy storage devices for applications such as electric vehicles, cell phones, medical devices, laptops etc.  This tutorial is prepared to teach basic concepts for modeling Li-Ion batteries. It helps students create and run a 1st-order R-RC model with and without hysteresis in MATLAB-Simulink. It starts with a general background about main definitions and terminologies, operating principles of Li-Ion cells, and different modeling approaches. It moreover describes a typical battery test setup and a number of test procedures that are usually used for modeling dynamics of Li-Ion cells. The tutorial continues with descriptions of the 1st-order R-RC model with and without hysteresis, creating the model in MATLAB-Simulink, running test procedures, and parameterization of the model using the genetic algorithm. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with the basic concepts of control systems, continuous and discrete-time simulation, genetic algorithm and MATLAB-Simulink environment. The Simulink model of the 1st-order R-RC model with and without hysteresis is described in details.


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